Dutchdutch 8c


The Dutch & Dutch 8C: Masterfully Crafted All-in-One Loudspeaker Now Available at Soundshapers

Experience a revolution in audio technology with the Dutch & Dutch 8C, now proudly offered in Canada by Soundshapers. As experts in high-quality audio systems, we present to you a loudspeaker that redefines accuracy, adaptability, and integration. Designed with a unique acoustic concept, the 8C ensures impeccable sound reproduction, enhancing your music listening experience.

Unmatched Accuracy

With the Dutch & Dutch 8C, experience the thrill of music as it’s meant to be heard. The 8C’s commitment to sonic accuracy is unyielding, featuring constant directivity from 100Hz upwards and a +/-0.5dB frequency response from 35Hz upwards. This innovative approach to sound reproduction offers unparalleled clarity and precision.

Adaptive Capabilities & All-In-One Design

The 8C is a testament to Dutch & Dutch’s innovative approach to audio technology. Its adaptive nature allows the speaker to interact harmoniously with any room, even when placed near boundaries. All components, including high-end DACs, amps, subwoofers, and a DSP, are housed within the 8C’s sleek and compact structure, making it an all-in-one solution for superior sound. You also enjoy out-of-the-box streaming capabilities and room matching, allowing for an immersive sound experience that maintains an impressive signal-to-noise ratio.

Exceptional Design & Construction

At Soundshapers, we appreciate not only sound quality but also the craftsmanship that goes into each product. The Dutch & Dutch 8C is a masterpiece of audio equipment design. Its cabinet, crafted from 20mm-thick solid oak panels, adds a touch of elegance to any room. Internally, birch plywood compartments isolate the drivers and reinforce the cabinet, ensuring an acoustically inert environment that’s solely focused on producing pure, unadulterated sound. Trust Soundshapers to provide you with the very best in audio technology. Discover the Dutch & Dutch 8C and redefine your audio journey today.