Musical Fidelity M6S-PRX

Fully balanced Class A pre-amplifier
Connect Line, Phono and Digital devices
Two XLR and four RCA inputs
Phono stage switchable for MM and MC cartridges
USB (Type B) input
Balanced or unbalanced outputs
SMD construction optimises noise levels
IR remote control included
Black or Silver finish


The M6s PRX is a 230 Watts-per-channel power amplifier with a unique Choke Regulated Power Supply (CRPS). The M6s PRX shares the same basic circuit topology as it’s premium Titan or AMS50 siblings, but the CRPS gives it a technical twist of its own, enabling performance levels that eclipse its rivals. Its awesome combination of precision and power means the M6s PRX can drive even demanding speakers with complete neutrality. Hi-Fi Choice said the M6s PRX has an “aura of unflappable invincibility. You can push the amp hard without ever sensing that it’s struggling”. These sentiments were echoed by the Hi-Fi+ review, which described the M6s PRX as having “an effortless quality it almost makes your speakers seem bigger and better than they really are.” The M6s PRX is also a flexible design, featuring two sets of switchable inputs. Its line output sockets also allow it to be easily used in a bi-amp or even tri-amp configuration.