Musical Fidelity M8XI

Separate preamp with two monobloc power amps sharing a common chassis.
Power amp design gives higher power, lower distortion, and better sound quality.
The M8xi also f 5 input DAC. the M8xi has 2 x coaxial (S/PDIF), 2 x optical (S/PDIF) and 1 x asynchronous USB Type-B inputs.
The M8xi delivers 550 + 550wpc into 8 ohms. It is extremely stable and very linear. The distortion is low too; lower than 0.005% in the audible frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The M8xi has remarkable linearity and consistency. lt is unconditionally stable and will drive any loudspeaker in existence easily with ample power reserve.
distortion hardly changes from 10 kHz to 50 kHz.
precision volume control.
The M8xi is effortless, fluid, and dynamic sound quality